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My NEWS page:

07.09.03: In the 80's and early 90's I managed my own and a couple of business "Bulletin Board Systems" but simply lost touch with the "new" WWW later on. I always remained curious about the WWW though and planned to set up my private homepage, however business and private life asked for other priorities...
Now I'm online again, more out of curiosity than for any other reason but who knows...
Some friends of mine discovered recently that I am much more into music than they imagined and suggested to put my music online. Well, we're gonna see...

09.03.05: Hard to believe but I didn't make much progress over the last year and a half - although I tried. I updated a couple of pictures and added information about some new instruments in the meantime, but that's it.
My original plan to release my own music online asap is still pending because I still don't have a clue how to do it...
Perhaps I need to replace my old "free" webeditor with a new commercial one....

16.03.05: Okay, I'll save the money. Finally my first songs are online. As usual it was not a problem with the software but with the person sitting in front of the monitor...   ;o))
During a conversation with our IT manager I suddenly realized my mistake... - thanks Thorsten to open my eyes with your funny remarks...   8-)

03.05.05: A new song is available online and also a guestbook is now integrated. My visitor counter is already running since April 2005.

01.07.05: I deleted my old useless online calendar and implemented a little photo album instead.

19.09.05: Implemented some HiRes pictures. If you move your mouse over the normal pictures, you will notice that it changes into a "hand". To see the new HiRes pictures just press the left mouse button. To get back to the page simply click the "back" button of your internet browser.

25.04.06: Added some new instruments and pieces of equipment, updated some pages and added more photos.

25.08.06: Added my 'monthly' Top10 list of Music DVDs. My collection includes now more than 250 Music DVDs and it is getting harder and harder to decide what concert to watch next...  ;-))

31.03.07: Again some new pictures, some new instruments and some pages updated.

12.06.07: 2 PM - my Dad left this world...

I am empty of words, feelings, life... - disorientaded...
Today, a few minutes past 2 PM my father passed away during an emergency surgery. He was run down on his bicycle by a lorry around 10 AM and fought for his life until then - until nothing was left to fight for..
My only guidepost - except God - has left this world. I feel hollow...

Mein beloved father,
my thoughts and feelings
will always be with you
and I am infinitely proud to be your son.

25.12.07: My homepage is finally bilingual. It was a long lasting project but now it is done. I translated all of my current German homepage into English. There are still plenty of typos, grammar and style mistakes "built in" but please don't keep them and let me know, too.
I will surely spend more time to revise and refine the English pages but with your help it's going to happen much faster...

26.01.10: I finally spent some time again on my homepage. Updated several sections, added my new guitars and equipment to the Music section and also updated my photo almbum.

24.01.11: I have to admit that I neglected the English section of my homepage all of last year. Now I finally took the time to integrate all the updates from last year into the English section.
Hope you like it...

29.07.11: I'm back as a pilot! Today my JAR-FCL (PPL-A) private pilot
license was issued and I am now entitled to fly without a flight instructor and with passengers again. An advice to all those who believe that age is an issue: I was by far the oldest student in our flying club and the first to get his license. Questions?!