Ich über mich





My photo album:

Yeah, once upon a time I also was small and innocent... - well, almost...  ;o)

The idea to include a little photo album came from a former colleague of mine. When she saw some old pictures she immediately suggested to share this with "the rest of the world". Since then I'm looking for suitable and "politically correct" pictures from my past.
The following photos shall serve as the foundation of what is still to come.

Actually I am still trying to get my hands on some really old pictures but until I get them, my collection begins with a picture which was taken at my first day in school.

Can you say who had bigger ears? Some relatives still claim that it's me and not the mouse... ;o))

It is said that school changes everybody - but somehow I looked even more strange than most others before I finished high school...













After school I joined the German Army and initially signed a 15 year contract, however decided to leave the Army after 6 years - with some more strange looking photos...


















While my uniform as helicopter pilot looks at least somewhat impressive, my dress-up for my "Offizierstaufe" (a traditional social event where new to-be officers are introduced to the officer corps) definitely qualifies for "weird". 


















During my university time I spent more and more time with athletics and it paid off. While I studied economics at the University of the Armed Forces in Hamburg I achieved some good results, amongst others "International German University Vice-Champion"... My main focus were the 400m and high jump.
















At that time I was well exercised...


A few years later I began to look similar in shape to famous celebrities...

















To look that good a lot of rest is needed...  o))











Fortunately I'm not the only one to get older and I try to take it as easy and enthusiastic as my son who can hardly wait for the next day...












A picture from the good ol' times before my father passed away...

Finally the hobby which accompanies almost my whole life - music. Some pictures with my favourite 'toys':




























My latest hobby is my enthusiasm for motorized 2 wheeled vehicles since 2004. After 2 weeks of summer temperatures beyond 30°C I spontaneously decided to purchase a stylish Peugeot city scooter, a 5HP Speedfight II.

Apparently I was not the only one who liked this little scooter...

After 3 years with my little Peugeot scooter I finally decided to go for a full motorbike license and bought a "big" 400ccm Suzuki Burgman scooter.














I really had a great time with my 34HP "Burgi" who always travelled faithfully with me to France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.













Unfortunately I had to sell my Burgman in September 2008 with a bleeding heart because of a job related planned relocation to the US.
Fortunately the company decided to cancel this relocation end of 2008 and as a result I finally had the luxury to plan for much longer tours in 2009.

Thus I needed a new vehicle and after a weeks long research I finally bought a bike which I did not even consider in the beginning.
A brand-new BMW R1200RT in Saphireblack-Metallic with all extras: incl. RDS radio, CD-Player, electronic suspension control, ABS, ASC, heated seats and other gizzmos....
In the meantime (with 45.000km on the clock) we got used to each other and I must admit that this bike fits me just well, despite all the known flaws in the BMW designs. ;o)

110HP out of 1200ccm displacement offer enough muscles to easily move me, my girl-friend plus our luggage everywherea and beyond, thanks to its extremely conservative fuel consumption of 4.8 litres/100km on average (appr. 48 miles/gallon). I even managed to ride with as little as 3,9 litres/100km once (about 60 miles/gallon).

In July 2010 I added a Yamaha YZF-R125 "Supersport"-Bike to my collection of two-wheelers.

125ccm and "only" 15 HP - how does that fit with the term "Supersport-Bike"? Well this small racer looks and feels like the bigger YZF-brothers except that there is almost no risk to loose your driving license by speeding...   ;-)
Also, as the ability of acceleration is limited you will definitely have to pay more attention to your cornering technique...

Apart from all the fun I have with this bike it also shines in costs. Insurance, Service, etc are extremely low and the fuel consumption is almost neglectable. I ride my YZF with just 2,65 litres per 100 km (about 90 miles per gallon!). The 13,8 litres tank allows for 300+ miles distances without refueling - roughly the same distance as with my big BMW touring bike.
TopSpeed ist about 120 km/h or 75 mph, downhill or with a little tail wind the revs limiter cuts in at 134 km/h (83 mph) - that's enough for the small roads around the village...

In May 2011 I traded my Yamaha in for a brand new Honda CBR 250 RA after three scary experiences in just 10 days - the safety margin was a bit tight with just 15 horse-powers.

The Honda CBR 250 RA is a single cylinder motorbike at an affordable price, rated at 26 HP and ABS is included as standard.












Unfortunately the CBR 250 RA is VERY much more an average than an exciting bike compared to the Yamaha. It's pretty heavy for its class (165kg), the engine is a bit lethargic though with a surprising torque, the tank (13L) is definitely too small (approx. 250 miles radius), especially as the Honda's fuel consumption is by far not as conservative as advertised by the manufacturer and also the overall workmanship and quality of parts is not on par with Yamaha.

What I like is the overall ergonomics which just suit me like taylor made, the chassis suspension with it's adjustable rear spring system and the additional safety of the built-in ABS, surprisingly! Despite Honda still sticking to its strange Combined-ABS strategy which is a bit scary for real bikers.
While BMW for example intelligently combines the rear brake with the front brake and leaves the rear brake to the bikers will, Honda links the front brake to the rear brake (scary in tight corners!!!) and gives NO support at all while you try to anchor with the front brake lever alone.
Additionally the Honda's NISSIN brakes are much less precise and require more force than the superb BREMBO brakes of the Yamaha, not to speak of the BMW.

Overall a just satisfactory bike and - more surprisingly - without any competitor yet (except the very fuel hungry and poorly built Kawasaki Ninja 250). Is there anybody still alive in the motorbike industry and press?!!


That's it for now... - I look forward to seeing you back here soon.

Ciao, Bernd