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Everything about my Music (well, at least some of it...:

This section shows my collection of guitars and bass guitars and also my personal monthly Top 10 list of my music DVDs.
At least I will try to update the list monthly - provided that time permits...).

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My guitars (Left to right):
Yamaha Pacifica 112, built 1999 - my "workhorse", always on duty
Ibanez Artist 2611 with Super70s Pickups, built 1977 - my first guitar
Oscar Teller Spanish guitar, built 1979 - unfortunately slightly damaged
Ibanez AEG10N, built 2002 - nylon strings, cutaway, Fishman pickup
Ibanez Artcore AG75, built 2003 - little blue "Jazz-Mama", warm, full tone
Ibanez ES-335 copy, built 1976 - an old "copy" of a Gibson guitar
Yamaha APX-4A, built 1998 - small guitar with great acoustic sound.

The above picture was taken a few years ago and since then my collection has grown a little. Today I am sharing my living room with some more "guests"...  ;o)))

The picture below shows my Fender Mexico Standard Stratocaster on the left. This guitar features a selected flamed maple top in tobacco sunburst. On the right you see my Epiphone Sheraton II in natural colour, maple top, back and sides. This guitar is equipped with Grover tuners and the new (2004) DoubleWaxed Epiphone humbuckers.

The next picture shows my current favourite acoustic guitars. On the left my translucent-blue Yamaha CPX-15 South with a dual pickup system. The CPX-15 offers a standard piezo pickup under the bridge as well as a flexible condenser mike in the body. Both can be mixed to give you exactly the sound you are looking for - without any additional tricks of the trade...

A similar technique is used for my Yamaha CGX-171SCF.  The only major difference is the lack of a tone control for the condenser mike in the body. The CGX-171SCF features a massive spruce top and a massive cypres wood body - not too forget the gorgeous bindings...














The photo below on the left shows my Epiphone LesPaul Standard Plus (built in 2004). I searched for an affordable good quality LesPaul guitar for years until I finally found this guitar in April 2005 - and it definitely offers more than just good looks.
Pretty rare for an Epiphone it was built near to perfection by Gibson China and features a one piece mahogany body with a nicely coloured CherrySunburst maple top, Grover tuners and double vacuum waxed 59er humbuckers - I simply couldn't resist...  ;-).
Did I mention the sound yet? Well, not as into your face as with Gibson Burstbuckers but still very usable...

The guitar on the right is another gem in my collection since I found her in spring 2005. A wonderfully crafted Ibanez Artcore 105NT in natural colour, equipped with exceptional Ibanez Super58 pickups, smoothly working tuners in Grover-Style, perfect mother-of-pearl and abalone inlays and volume- and tone control knobs made of rare woods... - what more can I say?!



















The next pictures show some of my later purchases of 2006:

On the left my Ibanez Prestige S2170FW with a wild poplar top, on top of a selected light-weight mahogany body..
The bolt-on neck follows the popular Wizard II format with smoothly polished jumbo frets.
The "modern" DiMarzio/Ibz Pickups and the futuristic ZR-Tremolo support a rare high-tech sound of its own - great guitar!!!!

The picture on the right shows my Schecter Diamond C-1 Classic guitar with a neck-thru-body construction (maple/walnut sandwich), mahogany body, a beautiful quilted maple top, two matched Seymour Duncon humbuckers - a SSH-2n "Jazz" in the neck position and a SSH-4 "Jeff Beck" at the bridge - Grover tuners, Tonepros TOM bridge, strings-thru-body and unbelievable "Vine of Life" inlays in the fretboard. Unusual as the rest of the guitar is the 5-way pickup switch which allows also split-sounds of the humbuckers.





















The next duo are (left photo) a true bargain of a YAMAHA Pacifica 311 "Mike Stern", a budget version of Yamaha's legendary Mike Stern signature guitar, built completely from original Yamaha parts.
The untreated one piece maple neck, the strings-thru-body construction, two highly dynamic humbuckers - the bridge humbucker built in the style of the famous "Hotrail" pickup with twin blades - let the guitar sound much worthier than its price suggests. Downside of this great sounding instrument are the sloppy finishing and the cheap appearance of many parts of the guitar...
Anyway, similar to my "honest to the bone" Pacifica 112 this guitar is a great axe for the studio, although I would not want to show her on stage...

How to do it right (at seven times the price) shows my German built FRAMUS Spitfire Custom guitar (right photo). When played without amp this guitar shows a similar character, however its more versatile and higher quality Seymour-Duncan Classic Alnico pickups (including a "Jeff Beck" humbucker in the bridge position), a remarkable original Wilkinson tremolo and superior finish lets it shine in all aspects. Its AAA quilted maple top with noble fake bindings on an American swamp ash body and a one-piece maple neck let this guitar look and sound like one of a kind.

The GIBSON LesPaul Standard (below on the left side) with a faded honey burst AA maple top, a 50's neck profile and the famous Burstbucker Pro pickups was my early Christmas present 2007. I was able to choose my favourite out of a shipment of six of these guitars.
The workmanship is everything but perfect (as usual with guitars "Made in USA") but this guitar shines with very light and resonating tone-wood and extremely dynamic "swinging" pickups...

Right before Easter 2008 I stumbled over another beauty, offered at an unbelievably low price. This Epiphone SG-400 Ebony Limited Edition with gold hardware and 3 Classic Alnico Pickups, built by the GIBSON factory in China, is now another great looking and sounding part of my collection...





















Guitar number 20 of my collection is a US Custom Shop "Limited Edition" Ovation LX Standard Elite built in 2006. This guitar features a massive Sitka spruce top without the usual "Epaulettes" below the strings.
This (at least for the LX series) unusual design in connection with the
scalloped X-bracing and the new deep Contour Bowl body generates a never before heard deep and crispy acoustic quality for an Ovation guitar.
The high quality combination of an OP-Pro pre-amp and OCP-1 piezo pickup convert this acoustic quality into a great amplified sound.

The guitar on the right is my Taylor 314CE, built with a massive spruce top, a massive Sapele body, mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. The 314CE features the same exclusive pickup system as the more expensive models, the so-called "Expression"-System, co-develloped by famous sound-guru Rupert Neve. This guitar combines great craftsmanship, excellent playability and superb sound - a "normal" Taylor guitar.















Other purchases in 2008 are my first 12-string guitar, an Ibanez EW2012AES-NT with an great looking body made from laminated quilted ash. Compared to my other guitars its acoustic sound is rather thin and boxy, its amplified sound is pretty good however due to its B-Band Piezo pickup and SRT PreAmp with built-in tuner and an alternative XLR-Out.

My Epiphone LesPaul UltraII on the right is a technically and visually very interesting guitar. In addition to its normal Alnico-Classic humbuckers it has a built-in Shadow NanoMag pickup for more acoustic sounds.
Other great features are the quilted maple top, carved sound chambers in the mahogay body and the stereo output (dedicated outputs for the humbuckers and the Nanomag).
Unfortunately its build quality is not very convincing and it took me a while to find an acceptable guitar.



















Two special beauties are my alpine white Gibson LesPaul Studio with gold Hardware and ebony fretboard. Looks just awesome, plays smooth as silk and sounds fantastic. Pretty unusual for a Gibson my guitar shows also perfect craftmanship. I stumbled across this beauty in Holly wood - no, I'm not joking here. I purchased my LesPaul Studio at the famous Hollywood Guitar Center in summer 2008.
The guitar left is no doubt the Queen of my collection and my 25th guitar, a 1993 Gibson L-5 Custom Shop 'Wes Montgomery', built by Jim Hutchinson himself on June 30th, 1993.
Other than most L-5 this guitar features only one single '57 Humbucker in the neck position. Thus the particular acoustic sound of the handcrafted massice spruce top is even more distiguished than on standard L-5s. A dream of a guitar!

The two following guitars are the latest additions to my collection.
On the left a Fender 1954er Stratocaster, built on February 8th, 1994 in the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California (SN: V078761).
What made this guitar so irresistably to me was the fantastic flamed maple neck - something I was looking for for some 15 years...
Soundwise this Strat is rather an underdog with historically low output pickups - however extremely clear and well balanced and delicate in clean amp settings...
On the right side a good surprise from Gibson - my love-hate guitar manufacturer. The 2010 LesPaul Traditional Pro offers split Humbuckers (a 57 in the neck position and a Burstbucker3 at the bridge), great locking tuners from Grover and a satin finish of the neck and body. No surprise was the poor workmanship which required a few hours of extra work to polish and set up the guitar correctly but it was immanent from the first second that its wood and hardware offered way more potential than its three siblings which I checked out in the shop. Now this guitar is one of the highlights of my collection and quickly sums up more hours than most of my other guitars.



















...and finally a different kind of instruments, my two bass guitars:

The picture below shows my Peavey Fury V Bass on the left, a 5-string bass with a basswood body (nomen est omen!), a quilted maple top, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, active "soapbar" pickups and active electronics with 3-band tone control.
The Fury V received the "Best New Bass 2002" US-Award and is simply an unbelievably good sounding instrument.

On the right is my Warwick Rockbass Corvette fretless 5-string bass with an ash body in translucent red-gloss finish, maple neck and ebony fingerboard, passive MEC Dynamic Correction J/J pickups and passive electronics with 2-band tone control.

My TOP 10 Music DVDs as of January 2011:

1.) E.S.T. - Live in Stockholm
David Gilmour - Live In Concert
3.) Joe Bonamassa - Live at Rockpalast
4.) Santana - Hymns for peace (Live at Montreux 2004)
5.) Mark Gillespie - Supersonic Wednesday
U2 - Live from Slane Castle
DreamTheater - Live at Budokan
8.) Joe Satriani - Live! 2006
9.) Rory Gallagher - Rockpalast Live in Concert
Friend 'n Fellow - Live DVD

Done! That's it for now... More info and my MP3 files on the next page and more to follow soon...  ;o)