Ich über mich





My home studio and my music:

Hello everybody... - welcome to my "sanctum", my bedroom... ;o))

Might sound funny but I am using my home studio and study also as my bedroom... - much to the amusement of my sporadical guests...
But seriously - here I have enough space and air and in case of a sudden fatigue the bed is really close!  ;o))

Okay, let's stop the chattering. If you are only interested in downloading my music, please just scroll to the bottom of this page and feel free to download as much as there is.

If you are interested to learn a bit more about my studio equipment, please join me in a quick tour around. I'd like to show you some of my gear "highlights"...

My home studio equipment as of fall 2010:

- Terratec EWS 88 MT
One of my two Pentium4 PCs (both still running WindowsXP) hosts two of these great recording soundcards with 10 channel I/O, 24bit/96kHz recording and 32bit analog/digital converter in an external breakout box. Both cards are cascaded on one interrupt with a Master-Slave setup.

- Terratec Phase 88 MT
My other Pentium4 PC hosts the successor of the above soundcards, a Terratec Phase 88MT. Basically using the same architecture as the EWS88, the Phase88 is a newer but slightly downgraded version. The good thing is that only rarely used additional features were left in the design.

- Yamaha SW1000XG
An excellent studio soundcard with a 20MB SoundROM and equipped with an additional PLG-DX7 plug-in card (exactly, the good old Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer fits on a single tiny upgrade-board these days).
Unfortunately Yamaha is a catastrophy 'par excellence' in terms of drivers and Windows support and rather earlier than later this great piece of engineering will end its live in the next trash bin...


- Tannoy Reveal
2-way passive near field monitors, powered by a Yamaha RX-V1700 power plant with roughly 2x205 Watt sinus...   ;o))

- AKG-K271 Studio
- Sennheiser HD-25

My studio headphones. Unfortunately a necessary "pleasure", as I mostly listen to, record and mix music late at night due to my working hours and I don't want to upset my neighbours.

- AKG-K701
My reference HiFi-headphones to verify the sound quality of my recordings in a true HiFi szenario... - unfortunately not to my full satisfaction until today...   ;o))

Digital Amp-Simulators and Multieffects:

- Boss GT-PRO - 19" rack professional digital amp/effects simulator
- Boss GT-6
- floorboard with digital amp/effects sims
- Boss VF-1
- an old gem, multi-purpose digital effects
- Boss ME-70 - digital multi-effects floor pedal
- Boss RE-20 Space Echo - digital copy of the famous analogue RE-201
- Line6 POD xt with additional FBV Express Floorboard
- Vox ToneLabs SE
- floorboard with tube pre-amp (GREAT!)
- NI Guitar Rig 3 Control - PC based digital amp/effects simulator.
- Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro - low cost, versatile digital bass processor


My "living room"-Amps:

- Fender 65 Princeton Reverb Reissue
  3x 12AX7, 2x 6V6GT tubes, 15W, 10" Jensen speaker, Accutronics spring   reverb, tube vibrato

- Laney LC 15R
  2x EL84 tubes, 15W, 10" Celestion speaker, Accutronics spring reverb

- Roland JazzChorus 50
  Solid state, 50W, 12" Roland speaker, Roland spring reverb, chorus and   vibrato (alternatively)

- Vox Lil' Night Train half stack with Vox V110NT cabinet
2x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, 1x 12AU7 power-tube, 2W at 16 Ohms, headphones and line-out, V110NT with 10" Celestion VX speaker

- Vox DA-5
  Modelling Amp 24bit, 5W, 6,5" Vox speaker 

The following analogue devices complement my home studio:

- DamageControl Womanizer - Tube-PreAmp and Overdrive
- Ibanez TS-808 "Tube Screamer" - Overdrive pedal (The original!)
- Boss SD-1 - Overdrive
- Ibanez WD-7 Weeping Demon - Wah-Pedal
- Ibanez PT-9 - VintagePhase r

Keyboards and Rack-Moduls:

- Yamaha MOTIF XS6 - Synthesizer workstation
- Yamaha MOTIF Rack
- HighEnd Tone-Generator in 19" format
- Yamaha AN-1X - Analog-synthesizer
- Yamaha P-90 - Stage piano
(No, I am not a Yamaha Endorser [unfortunately!] - It just happened so somehow...)  ;o))

RhythmMachines and Groove Inspiration:

- Boss DR-880
- Zoom RT-123

Other Equipment, eating space in my studio:

- Boss BR-600
Portable Ultra-Compact-Recording-Studio in sub-notebook format.
Absolutely great gear! Runs with batteries up to 5 hours without external power and offers CD quality recording on CF memory cards. 8 tracks, 64 virtual tracks, built-in microphones, inputs for external devices, built-in Top drum computer, The well known COSM Amp- and Effects simulations plus the renowned Boss/Roland Mastering-Effects guarantee high quality results "on the road". Finished songs and drafts can be copied to a computer via USB... - great performance at a bargain!

- M-Audio MIDISport 4x4
USB-MIDI-Interface with 4 INs and 4 Outs (very reliable!)

- Behringer UB1632FX-Pro
16 channel mixing console with built-in 24bit digital effects, which unfortunately are of rather poor quality compared to the overall good quality of this console

- ZOOM PFX-9003
Mini compakt studio, similar to the well known Korg Pandorra, but less expensive and much better quality!!! Still my favourite whenever there is only limited space available...

- Line6 POD 2.0
Basically discontinued for more than 2 years now, however some sound patches are so unique, that I still use this old digital device every now and then...

- LogicAudio Platinum 5.5
Still a great and reliable software sequencer. Unfortunately Emagic stopped further development and support for Windows platform since the company was aquired by Apple computers...  :-(

- Steinberg Cubase AI 4
Bundled software, came with my MOTIF XS6. Allows for great work flow with the Yamaha Studio Manager and my Yamaha Keyboards.


The picture below shows my floorboards - "VOX ToneLabs SE" and "Boss GT-6":

My Keyboards - "AN-1X Analog-Synthesizer" on top, "P-90 stage piano" below, both Yamaha:

My "living room"-amps Laney LC 15R and VOX Lil' Night Train:


 ...and playing a bass guitar is also fun - at least if it plays as great as my active 5-string "Peavey Fury V" bass! Budget price, budget finish - but big bottom sound, perfect also for bass playing guitarists...



My song collection:

....and here we are, if you want to download a selection of my music - of course at your own risk! ;o))

All my "old" MP3's were encoded with LAME 3.96 in 128kBit/44kHz quality, HQ and JointStereo switched on.

To download a song simply click on the link and select "Save as..." or just listen to it...

Jazzromance  (1:14min - 1,1MB) (online since 16.03.2005)
This song was created on one evening. I was jamming a bit about a piece by Peter Autschbach and liked one fragment that much that I saved it and simply recorded a second voice. Here is the result - very simple, without much editing or sound mastering, but I like this small piece!

Hymn (2003 Version) (4:48min - 4,5MB) (online since 16.03.2005)
Somehow I was never really satisfied with the old version of the song... - one day I fiddled around with the mix and had my Yamaha Pacifica 112 guitar plugged in... - now I like the song.  8-))

BluesJam (5:27min - 5,3MB) (online since 16.03.2005)
Well, just a simple blues - took me ages to create the MIDI background tracks. In the end I was so fed up that I recorded the guitar in one take and - voilà. Sounds as rough and "live" as the blues should...

Sunset Clouds (3:06min - 2,9MB) (online since 03.05.05)
This is the first finished recording of mine. I spent months of work to create this song and it was the first, that I did not delete again. However I never touched it again...

Hymn (2001 Version) (3:22min - 3,1MB) (online since 18.08.05)
I was asked a few times to also release the original version of Hymn and here it is: although the basic MIDI tracks are basically still the same, the overdrive guitar creates a completely different atmosphere than the new version.

Brand new - and especially for those interested in the BOSS BR-600 compact studio I recorded, mixed and mastered the small demo below.
I did neither use any additional effects or processors nor did I re-master the files later on. The demo was encoded as copied from my BR-600 with Lame Encoder 3.97 in VBR new mode.

BerndJam2007 (2:05min - 2,5MB) (online since 08.05.07)