Ich über mich

Was bisher geschah...




Some words about myself...

I was born in Peine (Lower Saxony) in October 1961. Since then so much has happened that I don't want to bother you with details here. Instead I'd like to present a short CV on the next page (basically kind of a "The Story so far...") with some additional remarks here about my personal eccentricities, ideas and hobbies.

After some jobs in Hamburg, Osnabrueck, Duesseldorf and Guetersloh I'm now living in Bavaria since April 2003; to be more precise in the beautiful "Oberpfalz" region, about 15 miles north of Regensburg.
I am married with a grown up son, however I live separated from my family for various reasons...

I worked in the management of an American software company until June 2009, primarily in Business Development, Sales and Special Projects. From 2009 until March 2012 I was finally able to dedicate most of my free time to my hobbies, finally after too many years working too long hours.

After a long sabbatical and running my own agency for 2 years I returned to the industry, working as Sales Director Germany for an internationa company.

In my spare time I enjoy various hobbies but the most important of all is music. I do not only love to listen to music, I also compose, record and produce my own music in my small home studio. Over the last couple of years I collected several guitars, bass-guitars, keyboards plus too many other devices to mention them all here. If you are interested to learn more, please feel invited to visit my "Music" section.

Other hobbies include reading books (especially SF and scientific orientated books), photography (Canon EOS 40D and EOS 350D with various lenses and additional equipment) , sports (inline skating, jogging and biking), surely computers and also meeting interesting people from all over the world...

In summer 2004 I added another hobby to the list above. I purchased a tiny 50ccm Scooter to enjoy cruising in fantastic hot weather that year.
The effect was unfortunately that over time my two wheeled vehicles grew bigger...
In March 09 my "infection" escalated to a brand new BMW R1200RT motorbike.

More pictures of my motorised hobby can be found in the "News/Photo Album" section.  ;o))

Some more info to get a better picture of me??? Well, here we go...

-  I am a vegetarian for some years now and eat nothing that has to be killed;    neither meat, chicken, fish, snails nor frogs...  ;o))) .
-  I'm living perfectly well without a TV!
-  I love 'dry' scientific books and simulation software, especially the Microsoft    Flight Simulator is a favorite toy now for more than 20 years.

Well, that is now a good introduction to my latest and at the same time oldest hobby/interest/passion: Aviation!
Since I was a kid I was captivated by aviation and astronautics, space exploration and so on. I used to dream a lot about piloting a plane and maybe become an astronaut one day...  ;-)

After finishing school this dream was by far my greatest motivation to join the armed foces with just one goal: to become a pilot and officer.

Well, I achieved this goal, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and successfully finished my helicopter training but then I had to accept in 1985 that I was not compatible with the army, despite bright prospects and - well - my pilot's job there. However due to the changes in the political landscape I could not accept to serve any longer - my conscience and (even more so) my honour simply forbade this.

In summer 2010 I decided to give my oldest passion a new try and signed in to get a private pilot license. In October 2010 the training began with the German radio license, in January 2011 the flight theory training began and ended March 23rd with the exam. In the meantime I passed the medical and also the security checks... (strange world we live in!)

In April 2011 I was finally airborne again and on July 27th I passed my final exam after 39:26h in the air, 219 landings and 45:14h logged block time (the minimum to get approved for the exam ist 45 hours).
My JAR-FCL (PPL A) SEP pilots license was then issued on July 29th and I was in heaven again as Pilot in Command. YEEEEHHHAAAAA!!!!

...and the madness continues... - I aquired all available radio licenses in the meantime, earned my night flying qualification, got rated for complex aircraft with retractable undercarriage and constant speed propellers and topped this all when I bought my own airplane in spring 2013, a 1966 Mooney M20F with 200HP, 360 cubic inch displacement engine, 4 seats, retractable undercarriage and constant speed prop... - top speed almost 200 miles per hour, 6:30h endurance and 1100 miles range....

That's more than "living your dreams"... - I wouldn't even dare to dream about this a few years ago...

That's it for now... - as long as nobody asks for more...   8-))