Ich über mich

Was bisher geschah...




The story so far...

14.10.1961: born in Peine, Lower Saxony, Germany
Juli 1968:    Elementory school (Bodenstedtschule) in Peine
Sep. 1972:  Ratsgymnasium Peine (Secondary School and HighSchool)
Apr. 1981:   Diploma with specialization in Englisch (believe it or not) and                  chemistry
Juli 1981:    Joined the German Armed Forces
April 1982:   Flight School (Helicopter Training) - Great stuff!!!!  ;-))
Okt. 1982:   University of the Armed Forces in Hamburg where I began to                   study economics .
Juli 1987:     Dropped out of the army for personal reasons...
Aug. 1987:   Department manager (later store manager) in a computer
                  store in Hamburg
Mai  1991:    Sales and Purchase for a distributor in Osnabrueck
Okt. 1996:    Sales- and Marketing Manager for a French company in                   Duesseldorf
Aug. 1998:   Marketing Director for a German games developer in Guetersloh
Apr. 2003:    Joined Activision, a leading worldwide software publisher and                   worked in several management roles until June 2009
Jun. 2009:    Unemployed, sabbatical year - whatever you want to name
Feb. 2010:   Launch of my own business, a consulting and communications
                 agency, specialized in supporting East-European publishers and

Jul. 2011:   Private Pilot License JAR-FCL (PPL-A) for SEP aircraft
Mar. 2012:  Sales Director Germany for a UK based software publisher