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A warm welcome dear visitor...

Do you know what the most likely answer of any programmer would be if you asked him about the status of his project?
"Almost done..." would probably be the answer for many weeks, months or even years to come and I'm not only talking about Microsoft programmers here...
My homepage is close to final since end of 2006 but I am still updating and "improving" it every now and then - mostly because it's quite some fun to service your own homepage...  ;o))

Unfortunately my website is no longer fully compatible with the new generation of web browsers. No problems with Internet Explorer up to version 7. The new IE8 however requires to use the compatibility view from the "Extras" tab to display my homepage properly. Unfortunately Mozilla's Firefox does not provide such an option so the layout is somewhat distorted when using Firefox. Apologies for this inconvenience.

This homepage is online since mid 2003. I created this web presence out of curiosity in summer 2003 - mostly because my broadband provider offered the hosting service for free.
Doing so I learned two facts quickly: it is much easier today than in the glorious old days of computers to make things work; however it is still as difficult and tiresome to achieve exactly the results you have in mind.
My first idea to make my own music available for downloading was not realisable in the beginning - I have to admit that it was not a software problem but rather my own lack of knowledge...

The next step forward was in March 2005... - a chat with our company's IT-Manager about a completely different subject opened my eyes and I finally managed to put my songs online.

Since then my homepage underwent several modifications; new topics were implemented - as for example my photo album - new hobbies, pictures and updates on my gear were integrated and also my personal info was updated from time to time.

Some Highlights of the past years:

  • Peter Autschbach's remarks on my interpretation of one of his songs in my guest book (Peter is an internationally acclaimed German Jazz-Guitarist)
  • Many old friends were able to get in touch with me again... - and I am really grateful about each 'new' old contact! :-)
  • In November 2005 one of my songs was chosen as background music for another homepage for the first time. In the meantime I gave permission to three websites to use my music.
  • My songs were already downloaded more than 18,000 times (as of Julyl 2013) and the feedback is surprisingly positive, if there is any... :-))
  • The visitor count is still growing permanently and much to my surprise the English section of my homepage is now getting more visitors than the German one. Wished I knew, where all you guys are from...

Like in most other "households" there is always something to 'clean' up or to fix with my homepage... - thus this website will remain "work in progress"...   ;o))

I'd be pleased if you left a short note in my guest book (Don't be shy, please!) or if you are interested to learn more, please feel free to send me an email to:




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